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Christmas Quiz - 2022 (Answers)

Here are the answers to the Quiz set in the Newsletter circulated on 7th December 2022  Download PDF File Here

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New Travel Insurance - FAQ's

Download PDF File Here

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Dobies - Discount Offer - up to 35% with SUGD1246Z

Visit and enjoy 35% Discount on seed orders and 15% on everything else in the catalogue using this code SUGD1246Z 

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Help the NHS

CAN YOU HELP THE NHS? DO YOU LIKE SEWING? THEN YES YOU CAN HELP Many Hospitals and care homes etc are desperate for scrubs and scrub bags and many local groups are being set up to organise sewers, issuing patterns and often fabric kits. There is a Facebook page called 'For The Love Of Scrubs' which can be found by following this link: https://www.f...

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ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) - advice

Coronavirus advice for customers Please be aware we're receiving an exceptional volume of customer enquiries, which we are responding to as quickly as we can. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to all of these calls directly, so please check our Q&A below. ABTA Members are doing their best to manage arrangements for customers. If your trip is not...

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NARPO Social Media Policy

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NARPO Privacy Policy

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The website has had a re make please check out the services now on offer Paul ParkerSecretary <-- Message Ends --> 

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Spouses Pension For Life

Hi All, 


In support of our continuing campaign we have now put a draft letter on our website for members to use to write to their MP. I would be grateful if you could circulate as widely as possible.

See website at:  for full details. 


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Pensions Ombudsman Decision - Clarity

Hi All,

I thought I would just clear up a couple of points in relation to Fridays determination by the Pension Ombudsman – based on the hundreds of emails I have had this morning!!


·         Those retiring before 1st December 2001 will not be receiving any payments as the Ombudsman has decided that the factors introduced in 1998 were sufficient.


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Pensions Ombudsman Decision

This will be of interest to those who retired between 1998 and 2006



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Police win forced retirement tribunal claim

News of officers winning an appeal against A19.

For the information of all those members directly affected by this ruling.


Paul Parker

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20131207 - Minutes Nuneaton





1. WELCOME BY CHAIRMAN: The Chairman welcomed members to the meeting. He reminded people to check the Warwickshire website for information on health checks, forthcoming events, employment opportunities and links to other NARPO branches.

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About 6,000 persons die from an abdominal aortic aneurism each year with the overwhelming majority being male and over 65.   Until recently tests were only available privately - at a cost.  However in an attempt to reduce mortality by at least 50% the N.H.S. initiated a national screening programme in 2009 to screen for these aneurysms. There are now over 40 screening programmes covering England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and  Wales.  

 All males in their 65th year are invited for screening. Only men are screened in this programme, as men are 6 times more likely to have this type of aneurysm, than women.  According to the N.H.S. website, ( as many as 1 person in 25 in the at risk group has some weakening of the aortic wall, this is about 4% of men in the age group 65-74.  

Those who were over 65 when the scheme started in their area, and those gentlemen over 65 years now will not be invited for screening, but can refer themselves for inclusion in the Screening Programme. The Coventry and Warwickshire Screening Programme visits over 50 GP's surgeries across Warwickshire, and screens Coventry residents at the City of Coventry Health Centre. The scan itself utilises ultrasound to scan the aorta, this is quick and pain-free, and usually lasts less than 10 minutes.

Gentlemen who wish to be invited for a scan may do so by contacting Emma Wright at the Screening Programme office at St. Cross Hospital, Rugby, on 01788-663428. Please have your 10-digit NHS number to hand when calling, (this number may be obtained from your GP's surgery, and may be found on a repeat prescription form)

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Thompson’s Solicitors – Free Legal Helpline

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  BRANCH CIRCULAR 15/13

To:       All Branch Secretaries


            NEC Members                                                                                           

11th June 2013

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Pension - Taxation on Re-employment

Following the recent news item on the BBC concerning some retired Officers having to pay large Tax Bills (following retirement and then being employed by the Police Force in a Civilian Roll )

We have had a couple of enquiries about who might be affected and for more information . We would like to draw members attention to the main
NARPO website. Click on "PENSIONS" go to item "Taxation of Pensions Entitlement Following Re-employment", towards the end of the article is a Q & A section which may help you understand the rules.

The HMRC change occurred on the 6th April 2010. 

Paul Parker. Secretary.

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NPC Budget Briefing March 2013





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