The rules for the Members Wall is that you must be a Registered Member to submit an article for publication.  If you are a registered member click on Members Wall and to the right of the Wall header you will see an icon that looks like a pencil in a square.  Click the icon to start your new post.

Hover over the icons and a tool tip is displayed to assist.  You need the icon with the tool tip New Blog Post 

You will then see a screen similar to the below.  I have annotated it to assist.  Please complete all the fields indicated.

Once a member is a registered user you will be able to write an article to the members wall.  You will need to indicate whether the article is for public display or whether it is restricted to members only.

The entry will not appear to members or the public dependant on your choice until the entry has been approved by designated members authorised to do so.

When an entry is sent for approval it will be held in a queue and an email notice will go to the authorising officers to prompt them to review for display.

In approving the entry the designated members may also consider its appropriateness for public view or restriction to members only. 

Members Area


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